My name is Coco. I am trying to become healthier than I am. This blog will sometimes reflect that. The other times it will just be compilation of my general interests, silly gifs, political statements, positive statements on body image, photo sets of handsome men, and sometimes, mindless babblings. I am in my late 20's; I live in South Florida.
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I played with a baby wallaroo this morning


So, you could afford glasses, but not a shirt?

Well I can’t see without them so yeah I sort of have to wear glasses to function.

If I choose not to wear a shirt it’s because I feel like not wearing a shirt, not because I cannot afford it.

How about you reblog the thousands upon thousands of pornographic material with topless woman in it and ask them if they can afford clothes.

Oh wait, that wouldn’t be a problem would it, because a woman can only be topless if it’s in a sexual scenario.

Ooooooo shiiiiiit that reply tho